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Germany is rife with castles including the Neuschwanstein Castle, Lichtenstein Castle and Mespelbrunn Castle, what’s one more between friends?

History of Hohenzollern Castle

Once the throne of the Prussian emperors, the Hohenzollern Castle is a sample of the English and French Neo Gothic Architecture built in Germany. It stands on top of Mount Hohenzollern and therefore is at a height of 855 metres above the sea level. The nearest big city to the Hohenzollern Castle is Stuttgart which is at distance of 50 kilometres.

The Hohenzollern Castle has been through stages of neglect and dilapidation and currently stands in its third version which got initiated by King Frederick of Prussia in the years 1846 and 1867. However, the first version of the castle got built in the 11th century by the Hohenzollern families and its destruction came through a siege which was done by the imperial cities of Swabia.

Thereafter, the second castle came in to existence in 1454 which acted more as a refuge for the Roman Catholic Hohenzollerns during the Thirty Years War. During all these times the ownership of the Hohenzollern Castle constantly kept changing and during the 19th century the castle fell in to a condition of major disrepair. It was then that effort for making the current structure was made by the Crown Prince who saw the family castle in the sorry state.

Hohenzollern Castle or Burg Hohenzollern in Stuttgart, Germany
Hohenzollern Castle or Burg Hohenzollern in Stuttgart, Germany, during the 1890s, vintage engraving. Old engraved illustration of Hohenzollern Castle.

The current Hohenzollern Castle with its fortifications and towers was a dream of the Crown Prince which he got designed by architect Friedrich August Stuler and till the current day remains under the private ownership of the Hohenzollern lines. With its imposing structure, the Hohenzollern Castle is considered to be a masterpiece of both military and civil architecture. Along with the surrounding scenery of the Swabian albs, it is famous amongst a large number of tourists for its picturesqueness.

Though the Hohenzollern Castle is not known to be a typical museum but, it has conserved a number of artefacts of the German royal era. The castle has 140 chambers right now whose walls are adorned with the paintings of the Hohenzollern family tree and a variety of murals too. Amongst the notable rooms are the King’s bedrooms, the family tree hall, and the Queen Blue Salon.

In the last mentioned room, the roof is stunningly gilded, and there are a number of Portraits of the earlier Prussian Queens. Some Royal treasury is also kept on display in the Hohenzollern Castle which includes the crown of Kaiser Wilhelm II. In the current times too, the castle is considered to be an alternate home for the members of the royal family in times of need.

The last Prussian Crown Prince Wilhelm resided there with his wife in the year 1945 and also got buried there after their deaths.

In the current times the finance for the maintenance of the Hohenzollern Castle is generated from the admission fee of the visitors. The castle hosts a number of events across the year which keeps an inflow of visitors as well. There are particular timings of visiting the Hohenzollern Castle and it can be a good option for a day tour with family and friends.

Visiting Hohenzollern Castle

Getting there by car

Travelling by car on the A 81 (Stuttgart–Singen), exit Empfingen, on B463 in direction Balingen, then on B 27 in direction Hechingen (in Hechingen, Burg Hohenzollern signposts give you the direction) or via B 27 (Stuttgart–Tübingen-Hechingen-Balingen), exit Burg Hohenzollern.

The road leads directly to the Castle car park. There is a pathway which gets more steep as you go and takes approximately 30 minutes and leads you to the Castle entrance, the Eagle’s Gate. You will be able to buy your tickets from the booth here. The Castle can be reached more comfortably by taking the shuttle bus (station is next to the parking lot shop). Please refer to the Route planner for your arrival by car.

Via GPS:
N  48.32570 | E  8.96390
N  48°19’32‘‘ | E  8°57‘50‘‘

Bus & train to the Castle

If you go by train, get to Hechingen station and from there by bus to the Hohenzollern Castle. Here are a couple of ways:

From Stuttgart main station (Hbf) to Hechingen station by train (IRE)
Stuttgart main station: leaving at 10:16 hrs – arrival Hechingen station at 11:19hrs (daily)
Stuttgart main station: leaving at 12:16 hrs – arrival Hechingen station at 13:19hrs (daily)
Please refer to for further times (please choose “Stuttgart Hbf” as start point and “Bahnhof/ZOB, Hechingen” as destination).

From Hechingen station by bus to the car park at Hohenzollern Castle:

29 April – 15 OctoberSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday09:2509:40
29 April – 15 OctoberSunday/bank holiday12:3312:48
01 April – 31 OctoberDaily13:2513:40
29 April – 15 OctoberSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday14:3014:45
29 April – 15 OctoberSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday16:3016:45

From the car park at Hohenzollern Castle by bus to Hechingen station:

29 April – 15 OctoberSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday10:5911:13
29 April – 15 OctoberSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday12:5913:13
29 April – 15 OctoberSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday14:1614:30
All-seasonMonday to Friday16:0516:24
All-seasonSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday16:1616:30
29 April – 15 OctoberSaturday/Sunday17:1517:30
01 April – 31 OktoberSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday17:3517:48
01 April – 31 OktoberDaily18:3518:48

Please check for return journeys (please choose “Stuttgart Hbf” as start point and “Bahnhof/ZOB, Hechingen” as destination).

The following train tickets enable up to 5 people to travel for a reasonable cost and it includes the bus transfer from Hechingen station to the Hohenzollern Castle parking lot:
– MetropolTicket Stuttgart
– Baden-Württemberg-Ticket
– Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket

Worth noting:

On presentation of the Metropol-Ticket Stuttgart, the Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket or of the Baden-Württemberg-Ticket families are entitled to a reduced admission for the Hohenzollern Castle.

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