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Any discussion, about the list of panoramic castles across the world, cannot be complete without mentioning the name of the beautiful water castle of Germany, better known as the Mespelbrunn Castle. It is by far the most beautiful preserved castle of northern Bavaria which still has its actual furniture and shape.

Situated in a small town named Mespelbrunn, the location of this picturesque castle is in between Frankfurt and Würzburg cities of Germany. The town of Mespelbrunn seems to be a scene straight out of the romantic books and so is the Mespelbrunn Castle and its surroundings. The hills covered with green woods and the crystal clear water of the lake which reflects the image of the castle appears to be unreal in the modern world.


Past of the Mespelbrunn Castle

Seldom will you get to hear that a current day castle did not start with being a castle. However, such is the case with the Mespelbrunn Castle because when the oldest part of the castle was built in the thirteenth century by knight Hamann Echter, it was a mere house lacking any kind of fortifications. Echter actually got it as a reward for the service he gave to the Czechs. However, soon after in 15th century the surrounding forest of Spessart went under the dominance of the bandits who plundered whatever properties they got around. It was at that time to add up to the protection of the place that his son knight Peter Echter built the rest of the part of the castle which later on went to become such a wonderful tourist destination.


The Beauty of the Mespelbrunn Castle

The entire castle, especially the new portion, is built on a Renaissance style and has two lovely made columns on the northern and eastern sides. On these are carvings related to the Echter family. Every feature of the house reflects the brilliant craftsmanship which went in to the making of it. The windows are made of red sandstone, stained glass windows are all over the house, there are also the sixteenth century armours and pikes well preserved. And as the house was initially built for the staying of a priest, there was indeed a priest who stayed there for a long time who performed Holy Mass in the chapel.

The Mespelbrunn Castle was opened for the public in 1930s as the family of the knight started facing economical pressures. In the current times, while the main rooms of the palace are open for public viewing, the count family of Ingelheim have moved to the rooms on the southern side of the castle.

While the Mespelbrunn Castle opens for guided tours of public viewing for people, there are also provisions to hold functions such as weddings in the castle. The necessary information is available for public on the website of the castle.