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Waterfalls Restaurant in Villa Escudero – Philippines

Holiday means running away from the mundane surroundings of concrete and technology. Holiday is defined by complete relaxation and spending some quality times with your near and dear ones while doing things you enjoy the most. Holiday, therefore, has to include an experience of visiting the Waterfall restaurant of Villa Escudero Resorts of San Pablo City, Philippines.

Unique Attraction

Neither in the vicinity of mountain ranges, nor getting the company of vast oceans or seas, the Villa Escudero Resort gets its charm by being nestled in the heart of a green coconut plantation which presents a mix of colonial and native tastes. The two hours’ drive to the resort from Manila takes you through villages where the happy faces of the villagers extend warm greetings to the visitors. All this makes the Villa Escudero Resort, which started for tourists from 1981, an extremely popular tourist attraction as it portrays the true Philippine culture in terms of dress, food, heritage, and so on. Amongst the other attractions of the Villa Escudero Resorts is their uniquely styled restaurant which takes the visitors extremely close to nature in a manner tried by almost no other tourist destination across the world. It is situated at the foot of the Labassin Waterfalls and is completely one of its kinds.
Such is the decor arrangement of the Waterfall restaurant in the Villa Escudero Resort that while you enjoy the traditional Philippine cuisine and specialities sitting on handmade bamboo chairs and tables, the crystal clear water of the waterfall flows besides you and constantly washes away your feet. The beauty of the area is virgin and pristine and there is no danger of the water fall getting menacing as the source of the same is a clear stream.

Complete relaxation

This is one such tourist spot where it does not matter if you are without your shoes or shirt. Rather, you can lie on the water covered walls of the waterfall and relax or can also enjoy a calm rinse off after completing your sumptuous lunch. Post lunch, once you dry off, you can spend time watching the green country sides and doing activities like bamboo rafting, bird watching, or going to nearby villages on ox drawn carts or jeepneys. And the best part of this destination is that this of beauty prevails throughout the year making it easier for you to plan a trip as per your convenience.
The Villa Escudero serves good for both a single day’s stay and for that of a longer period. Apart from being a holiday destination, it also has arrangements to hold conferences, seminars, and other corporate ventures. Reservations for weddings are also taken in at the resort.
Thus, if you have still not experienced the magic of this beautiful destination, don’t leave the next chance of planning a trip to it for whatever occasion possible.