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Going across the World is something that only few people can do in their lifetime. However, if you visit Dubai then there is a chance of covering the world within half a day. This is made possible by the creation of the artificially made archipelago of small islands on the Persian Gulf which reflect the map of the World. These islands, together called the World Islands, are situated at a distance of 4 kilometres from the coast of Dubai and is in continuation with the other artificial islands of the rich city.


The process of creation of the World Islands is again done with the help of dredged sand and rocks however, this time the construction is under the control of Nakheel Properties. A total of 300 individual islands are known to form the complete World Islands and they can be owned by private owners. These islands are also scheduled to be divided into categories like private homes, estate homes, dream resorts, and likewise. Their sizes are known to be in between 250 to 900,000 sq feet. The World Islands are known to be separated from the sea with the help of an oval shaped breakwater which known to cover 9 kilometres.

The total amount of sand and rock which is being estimated for the World Island mounts to 321 million cubic metres and 31 million tons, respectively. The World Islands are known to have names like Germany, Lebanon, Great Britain and so on. Though it has been long time since the work on World Island has been going on but the work is yet to get finished. This is because of the problem of economic recession which is creating obstacles. In the recent times the reports of the sinking of the islands also played a major role in hindering the progress of the work. This however, has been denied by the actual construction company.


From the ownership perspective of the World Islands a number of renowned personalities like Richard Branson, Ravi Raman, and investment group of Kuwait are known to be owners of some of the islands of the World Island. As per the reports of 2012 while 70 percent of islands have already been sold to private parties, the rate of development is being very slow because of infrastructural problems and economic slowdowns. Out of all the completed islands of the World Islands, only the island named Lebanon has had some developments and is now mainly used for commercial purposes like parties and corporate functions. Other owners of the World Islands are yet to materialise their ambitious plan of building resorts, pubs, and villas in the remaining landforms.

For tourists the best way of going across the world is by taking the boat trips of the World Islands which keep happening from the mainland.