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Musha Cay – Bahamas


Paradise is not just a word in the dictionary; it pretty much exists in real. Your one visit to the exotic private island resort of Musha Cay will be enough to prove this fact.
Call it the magic of illusionist David Copperfield or the bounty of tropical nature that, situated on the vast 150 acres of land on the southern side of the Bahamas at a distance of 85 miles on the south-eastern side of Nassau, this resort sports a capability of casting a spell on its visitors.


Beauty for the Eyes and Peace for the Soul

The resort stands on the white sand beaches which complement the turquoise and clear blue waters of the ocean around. The neighbouring foliage is full of sugarcane fields, palm trees, and shrubs and bushes of exotic flowers. The speciality of the resort is that, while on one hand it gives you the space to enjoy your share of tranquillity under the bright suns and the dazzling starry skies, it also gives you a provision to arrange a gala time with maximum of 24 guests to whom you can give a private island treatment.


Choicest provisions

Accommodation on the island is flexible as per your choices. So, while you can spend a holiday surrounded amidst the hustle bustle in the manor houses which cover10, 000 square foot, there is also the availability of cottages with thatched roofs which are just next to the sea and gives you your most desired privacy. Variety is further extended by the offer of either two or five bedroom guest villas which along with the close proximity to the beach also provide you with your own outside Jacuzzis. And lastly, no matter what sort of property you chose to stay in the resort, the levels of comfort in all of them is to the utmost with overall air conditionings, television channels, and provisions of staying international connected through phones.
Musha Cay understands the importance of a truly refreshing break or holiday and so every member of the resort, starting from the world class chefs to the highly trained staffs are always keen to pamper you that extra bit that you so long for. So, on a relaxing holiday, while watching the amazing sunset, when you get the taste of your favourite cuisine and drinks, it certainly makes that an unforgettable experience.
The amenities of Musha Cays just do not focus of the holiday goers but, it also flaunts large conference rooms which are appropriate for board meetings. It is thus a retreat which helps you to both relax and focus better.


A Memorable Experience

With its tasteful blend of English and West Indian decors and the clear ocean surroundings, Musha Cays makes your sun and sand experience both exclusive and exquisite. It’s a panoramic gateway away from your mundane world which while taking you away still keeps you connected with all its modern and state of art amenities so that you get the best of both worlds.