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Moraine Lake – Alberta – Canada


The beauty of the Moraine Lake of Alberta, Canada is spell bounding and is considered as one of the best nature spots to visit across the world. The lake, fed by the glaciers of the neighbouring Canadian Rockies, is situated in the Banff National Park. The national park is located at a distance of 14 kilometres from the Lake Louise village in Alberta, Canada.


Nature’s Wonder

The area of the Moraine Lake is also called the ‘Valley of Ten Peaks’ as it is surrounded by ten stunning mountain peaks of the Rockies and so gives an unearthly view of the place. In fact, many people say that Lake Moraine is the best place of the Canadian Rockies. The lake is situated at a height of 6, 183 feet and covers a surface area of 0.5 sq kilometres.


As the main source of water in the Moraine Lake are the surrounding glaciers so, the water reaches the crest of the lake only by the mid or end of June. At that point of time the lake takes up a stunning shade of blue which happens mainly because of the silt of the glaciers, also called the rock flour, which constantly flows and gets deposited on the bed of the lake. The colour of the Moraine Lake becomes brighter as the sunlight falls on the water.


Tourist Attraction

Apart from watching it at a distance, the other best way to enjoy the Moraine Lake is by paddling though it on a canoe. The other options include taking up the various hiking trails which surround the Lake Moraine. The trail which is next to the lake is named the Rockpile Trail where you can walk for about 300 metres and also enjoy the height variation of 24 metres. It is the view of the lake from the top of this trail that featured in the 1969 to 1979 Canadian twenty dollar bill and is also therefore known as the ‘Twenty Dollar View’.


Once this trail finishes, there is another higher trail called the Consolation Lakes Trail which too is 3 kilometre long. You can park your car and walk a little distance to enjoy the view from a natural rock which also acts as a dam to the Moraine Lake. This area is usually filled with artists who try to capture the beauty of nature here on their canvass. A few kilometres to the north west of the Lake Moraine is the Lake Louise and all these places are densely populated with people during the months of summers.


There are options of camping in the Lake Louise Campground or staying at the Moraine Lake Lodge. The Moraine Lake also gets visitors during the winter months as it provides an excellent option of doing some cross country skiing. The best way of reaching the place is by renting a car at Alberta.


The pictures of Moraine Lake have been featured in a number of advertisements and also on the wallpapers brought out by Windows and Google.