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Germany is a country famous for its automobile brands and one amongst them is Mercedes Benz. For any automobile enthusiast it is always a lifetime opportunity to see the automobile museum of Mercedes Benz situated in Stuttgart and go through the history of the global brand. The museum is a strong crowd puller of Stuttgart which is the home and headquarters of Daimler AG.

The current building of the Mercedes-Benz Museum which was built in 2006 takes a person back in time to 1886 to accompany through a journey which started with Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz’s path breaking invention. It highlights the concepts of innovation, research, development, and production. The entire premise, which stands on an area of 16,500 sq metres, exhibits the progressive journey and also the outcomes of the constant toil.


While the previous museum was with the factory of the Mercedes Benz, the current building of the Mercedes-Benz Museum has been is a product of the UN Studios. The concept of three overlapping circles is unique and is made further amazing with the centre being replaced by a triangular atrium. Thus, while checking out the svelte sports editions, Silver Arrows, and other models, the visitors get elevated to a height of 34 metres and are surrounded by the fascinating insights on the development of technology. The total numbers of vehicles which are on display within the Mercedes-Benz Museum mount up to 160 starting from the oldest versions.

The technological changes which are showcased by the Mercedes Benz Museum are captivating and are made more so the range of exhibits which are divided into two main sections namely, the Legends and the Collections. Both of these sections are further divided into themes with the Legends room dealing with history and the Collection room dealing with wealth and variety of vehicles produced by the brand over decades. While recreating the history, the Mercedes-Benz museum always keeps reminding that the brand has kept pace with the changing times and requirements.


The popularity of the Mercedes-Benz Museum is evident from the fact that the guided tours available are in all possible languages of the world. Moreover, in 2007 alone the number of people visiting the museum was recorded as 860,000. While visiting the Mercedes-Benz Museum many people also visit the Untertürkheim engine factory which produces a number of diesel engines for the brand. Within the museum the visitors usually opt for two interlinked tours which cover all the important facts and moments in the history of Mercedes-Benz.


Travelling to the Mercedes-Benz Museum can be done through both cars and public transports. The museum is closed on Mondays and has specific opening hours from Tuesday to Sunday. Apart from the normal exhibition of cars, the Mercedes-Benz Museum also has an open air cinema space and holds events which are interesting for kids.