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A combination of ancient volcanoes and coral reefs springing up around their edges to become a tourist paradise is all what can be said about Maldive Islands on the Indian Ocean. Though now the volcanoes peacefully lie under the ocean but the coral reefs still exist for the breeding of civilization. The Maldive Islands have been through a number of atrocities both from nature and from the colonial rulers to finally spring back with an identity of its own.


Today Maldives is better known as the Republic Maldives along with the island of Minicoy and the whole coming under the Indian Union Territory of Lakshadweep.  Amidst the nature’s bounty of the Maldive Islands which include the cobalt coloured waters, the incredible beaches, and the beautiful reefs are also a plethora of modern developments in the form of modern hotels, boutiques, resorts and so on. Everything is customised as per the requirements of the holiday goers without compromising with the deep Muslim religious faith of the island.


In terms of sightseeing to Maldives Island is an interesting location. Keeping up with its dominant religion it has the country’s oldest mosque which is made of Corals and is called Hukuru Miskiiy. There is also the National Museum which though is small but, is worth a visit. This Museum is the only remnant of the sultan’s palace in Maldive. Around the museum is also the sultan’s park which too was once a premise of the sultan’s palace. Now it is a well maintained and scenic spot of the Maldive Island. A glimpse of the unique artistic talent of Maldives can be experienced in the National Art Gallery which brings forth the art forms and products of the island. Last but not least is the National Stadium which conducts the big matches of the sport and also some other small matches.


Apart from all these options is the biggest attraction of the Maldive Islands which is diving in the tropical waters which are ideal in terms of temperature. The water of the ocean in the Maldives is crystal clear which makes it possible to see the underwater marine life. This is the world’s richest coral reefs region and one can also see a variety of sea creatures starting from shrimps to big mantas and sharks. One does not need to be a professional diver for enjoying in the Maldives water. The resorts of the area are also equipped for providing opportunities to the hesitant swimmers who can use the equipments and guidance who enjoy the lifetime opportunity. Diving during the night times is specially an enthralling experience.


There are also a variety of water sports and excursions to the empty islands which keep the visitors busy in the Maldives. With many of the islands being scenic and secluded, Maldives is a favourite location of couples on honeymoon. Accommodations are very friendly for tourists in Maldives. There are hotels, hostels, guesthouses, b&bs, and cottages suiting everyone’s budget. There are plenty of shopping destinations and all sorts of world cuisines. It is globally connected to the world through airlines.