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If you are visiting Malaysia then amongst its many attractions, the one you should not let go off is the Langkawi Sky Bridge. A marvellous human feat, this pedestrian bridge stands atop the Gunung Mat Chinchang Mountain and is supported by cables. This mountain exists in the Langkawi archipelago of Kedah in Malaysia and got completed in the 2004.


The Langkawi Sky Bridge has a curved shape and is 125 metres long. The height of the Langkawi Sky Bridge is 700 metres above the sea level and it gets the support from a single pylon which has a height of 82 metres. The best of this bridge is that it gives a spectacular view of the area around. The two platforms which are built on either side of the bridge are places for the tourists to stand and have a look around. From the Sky Bridge the Mat Chincang Mountains look enchanting.


The only means of going to the Langkawi Sky Bridge is by means of a cable car which starts from the location of the Oriental Village which is there at the base of the mountain range. The last stop of the cable car ride is the starting point of the bridge. While going above to the Sky Bridge, one can see the vast areas of rain forests below in between which is the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls. It also gives a proper view of the Langkawi Island and the other neighbouring islands. This upwards journey also gives a bird’s eye view of the Taman Buaya Langkawi which is the crocodile farm passing which the tourists can have a look at the mammoth amphibian. At the top where the Sky Bridge starts, there are many stalls which sell souvenirs and also food and drinks.


Though the Sky Bridge is supported by only one pylon but it is guarded on both sides with steel railings and wire meshes to ensure utmost tourist safety. A very look at the Sky Bridge is enough to tell that constructing it might not have been an easy task. It is a well known fact that after the pylon was set on the foundation; all the parts of the bridge had to be air lifted above the mountain in order to set them at the height.


Usually there are tours which carry visitors to the Sky Bridge and also cover some more attractions while going up and coming down. These tours may have pick up points from the respective hotels or some other specific locations. Thus, the opportunity of enjoying a genuine sky trail should not be given up by missing a trip to the Sky Bridge if you happen to drop in at Langkawi.