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Cold and snow always generate the idea of snuggling within the blanket and getting wrapped up by the woollens but, the Kakslauttanen Resort has added a unique dimension to snow making it a tourist attraction. Located close to the National Park of Urho Kekkonen in Finland, this resort has the one of its kind of snow and glass igloos for people to stay and enjoy.

The Igloo Village of the Kakslauttanen Resort is located at a distance of 35 kilometres from the Ivalo airport and is well connected by buses which go straight to the main entrance of the resort. It is mainly open from the months of December or January till the month of April when the visitors can stay in the snow or glass igloos and can enjoy a clear sighting of the Lappish night sky and other winter activities. Staying overnight in the snow igloos is a lifetime opportunity with the temperature inside the igloo being -3 to -6 degrees but the sleeping bag being warm and comfortable to enjoy the feeling without falling ill in the cold. If need be, the resort staff also provides woollen socks and hood for that extra protection.

glass igloo
Observing the Aurorus Borealis from a glass igloo

The other attraction of the Igloo village in the Kakslauttanen Resort is the glass igloo. Unlike the previously mentioned snow igloos, the experience of living over night in the glass igloo is slightly different as here the temperature within is absolutely normal. This is also an example of the progress of science and technology where the glass which covers the igloo remains non-affected or frosted even if the temperature outside drops to -30 degrees. This thermal glass thereby gives the tourist a chance to see the clear night sky and the activities like Northern light by lying comfortable on the bed at night. These glass igloos are well equipped with a toilet and comfortable beds and the evenings also give the facility of hot saunas.

ice church kakslauttanen finland
Ice church Kakslauttanen Finland

The other attractions of the Igloo Village includes an Ice bar and a snow chapel where enthusiastic couples can not only hold white weddings but pre and post wedding cocktails as well. These and the snow igloos are rebuilt every year thereby making the experience all the more unique. In addition, there is also a glass Kota which too is made from the thermal glass. It has a height and width of 8 metres and also gives an opportunity to gaze at the night sky. During the winter times the Kakslauttanen Resort not only makes news for its Igloo Villages but also arranges a number of snow activities like the Ice Gallery which invites ice sculptors from across the world. While they display their artistic genius, the visitors are also given opportunities to do so with snow or ice which is given to them.

Additional activities include safaris and treks and also chances of ice fishing. The latest to get added to the Kakslauttanen Resort is the Santa Resort which gives the kids a chance to drive on a reindeer drawn sledge in the winter.