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Trees are used as adjectives for people who stand upright and straight however, after visiting the Crooked Forest which is in a small corner of north western Poland, you will have to think twice before making the reference of a tree. This is because in the Crooked Forest, close to Gryfino, you will see 400 pine trees all of which have their trunks bent at 90 degrees in the horizontal north wards direction before their straight upwards growth.

The bent of all the trees are of a similar kind and in the same direction too. Because of their symmetrical curve, the Crooked Forest is known to be a result of some man-made intervention rather than being natural. A number of bizarre explanations remain to explain this natural miracle. While one explanation says the increased gravitational pull in the region is responsible behind this morphing, there is another which suggests that all trees got buried in their infancy under the effect of a violent snow storm and came out in this way.


The one which is most popular says that they are all known to have been planted in the year 1930, when this part of the land was still under the German control in the province of Pomerania. Though the actual motive is still not clear to this day but, as per believes the farmers of the region let the trees grow for some time and then manipulated their steps so that when they grew up after 7 to 10 years the trunks can be used for making some particular sort of furniture or boat hulls. However, their plans remained unfulfilled because in the mean time the Second World War broke out and changed the face of the region thus spoiling their plans of harvesting the pine trees in order to fulfil their intentions. Intriguing isn’t it?


However, the local lumberjack experts of the region largely disagree with this version because as per them the pine of the Crooked Forest is not suitable for boat hulls or furniture. Their explanation thus once again points towards some eerie natural phenomenon for this miracle.


Whatever may be the reason but, till this day visiting the Crooked Forest of Poland, which is also known as the Gryfino forest, gives a feel of entering some mythical fairy land. It is also considered to be one of the ideal locations for explaining scientific miracles and mutations. The Crooked Forest is also therefore a busy tourist location where many people come to witness this strangeness of nature. There are a number of hotels in the area which have all the modern facilities in them. They also provide traditional cuisines and thus prove to be a wonderful location for a vacation.