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Lausanne – Switzerland

For those of you who are sports enthusiasts, the hilly Olympic Capital of Lausanne should not be unknown. Though a city in Switzerland, Lausanne falls in a location where most people speak French and is known to be the capital of Vaud. The geographic landforms which lie close to it are the Lake Geneva and the Jura Mountains. The distance between Lausanne and Geneva is 62 kilometres.


In 2012 the population of Lausanne was 130,421 with it having the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee and the Court for Arbitration of Sport. Yet another of the reasons which adds to the importance of the place is that a large part of it is engaged in the process of wine production.

Though the earliest history of Lausanne connects it to the Roman legacy but, with the fall of the empire and subsequent changes of rulers and politics, the existing stature of Lausanne, as the capital of Vaud, was attained in the year 1803 when the wars with Napoleon were on the spree. Thereafter, decades later, as it hosted some important events like the Swiss National Exhibition of 1964, the importance of Lausanne as a place again started increasing. A number of immigrants from Portugal, Italy and Spain also came to settle in the industrial parts of Lausanne.


Though mainly under the domination of the Roman Catholics and the conservatives, Lausanne, as a place has evolved as a mix of tradition and modernity. Therefore, alongside the Gothic Churches and old Art collections are also modern shops, restaurants, bars, multiplexes and so on. It has had a number of writers, musicians, and artists in the likes of Shelley, Byron, and Ernest Hemingway who found an ideal residence in Lausanne and have composed a number of their works here. Amongst the main places of interest for a tourist is the Cathedral, the Saint-Maire Castle, Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland, a variety of museums like Archizoom, Lausanne Museum of History, Olympic Museum, Collection de l’Art Brut and also a variety of contemporary art galleries such as Dubner Moderne, Synopsism and so on. Lausanne is also a favourable destination for concert and theatre lovers and often hosts a number of festivals thus filling the calendars round the year.


Being a popular tourist destination, accommodation and food is not a concern in Lausanne as it has something for everyone. The city serves all ranges of people so budget cannot be a concern while visiting and enjoying. As far as reaching Lausanne is concerned, it is known to have a rapid transit system with the best rail service in the world called the Swiss Federal Rail. The train connections can be availed from Geneva, Zurich, Brig and other points. The Geneva airport is connected to all major airports of the world and have carriers for the too. Reaching Lausanne from the Geneva airport takes about 45 minutes. Buses are also available from Spain, France, and some other big European cities. Within the city there exists an impressive network of buses and metros.