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El Diablo Restaurant – Lanzarote Island – Spain

Usually restaurants get popular with their food but, here is one which mainly earns its popularity from its location and the techniques it uses for preparing food. How about having fresh grilled food sitting on a volcano? The El Diablo Restaurant of the Spanish Lanzarote Island just lets you do that without the fearing for life.


The El Diablo encourages the appetite of its visitors by its mere technique of preparing the food, mainly meat, which is done on top of a volcanic crater of a dormant volcano which gurgles lava at a temperature of 400 degree Celsius in the deep recesses of the Earth. Do not fear, as there is no chance of it erupting or causing any harm.


The out of the box idea of creating such a unique restaurant came in the mind of Cesar Manrique in 1970 which was then formalised by two outstanding architects Eduardo Caceres and Jesus Soto. As digging the earth for the restaurant foundation was not possible with the underneath being a boiler so, the foundation was made with setting 9 layers of basalt rock over which the El Diablo restaurant does a roaring business today.


The grill of the El Diablo restaurant, which is its speciality, makes a good use of the heat which boils below the surface of the Earth. It is mainly used for preparing meat or fish dishes which sell equally hot in the restaurant too. The El Diablo restaurant also serves authentic Canarian food which is yet another of the attractions of the restaurant.


Apart from the food and the technique, the one other aspect which hooks people to the El Diablo restaurant is the scenic beauty of the Lanzarote Island. Though it is unlike the general conception of an island, the surrounding of the Lanzarote Island is breathtaking. It is barren and is full of red sands and volcanic rocks which give the feel of being in the Martian land but, all together it gives a different kind of experience. There are about 100 volcanic mountains in that island which suddenly came up in the 18th century but, that has not deterred tourists from enjoying a meal of their favourite game on the island.


The best time of enjoying the Fire Mountains is during the time of sunset when the barren land with the light effect of the setting sun and the sand covered gurgling volcanoes together cast a spell. Further to the delight of the tourists, the El Diablo Restaurant also conducts The Volcan Grill Tour which happens every Tuesday from 6.00 to 9.30pm within which not only can you have an enjoyable tour of the restaurant but also a hearty three course meal and pick and drop from your hotel within a modest 50 Euros.


Last but not the least cherry on the burning cake is that the El Diablo restaurant also provides a memorable panorama of the Lanzarote’s Timanfaya National Park. Thus, combining together to make it a once in a lifetime experience.