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Zakynthos Island – Greece

There are many islands across the globe but, one amongst those which is popular with many tourists is the Zakynthos or Zante islands of Greece. Situated on the southern side of the Ionian Islands, Zakynthos occupies 410 sq km and has a coastline which runs for 123km. It is named after the son of Arcadian chief Dardanus and is a favourite with the tourists who look forward to enjoy the sun and sand.

The reason for which the Zakynthos islands are so liked by tourists is that it has option of sea as well as mountains. This is because of the separate geographical features existing on the triangular island. While there are mountains on the north western side of the Zakynthos islands, along the south east runs the coast. Thus, this floating island has much to offer alongside the traditional Greek lifestyle and specialities. The hospitality of the Zakynthos Island can be understood from the warmth of the local people of the place.

The presence of the Zakynthos Island is known to be from the Neolithic Ages. The mention of the island is also found in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. Thereafter, the Zakynthos Island moved from one rule to another to finally come under Greece in 1864. Till 2006, Zakynthos has been victimized by a number of natural calamities like earthquakes and wildfires however, the resources of the island have been made better after each one of them so that the main industry of tourism does not get affected.

The Mediterranean climate of Zakynthos Island ensures that the island receives lots of rainfall. It is because of this reason that there is an abundance of olives, currants, and citrus fruit in the region. It is also because of the climate that the place also has a National Marine Park and has nesting regions for loggerhead sea turtles. Another endangered species of turtle called Caretta caretta is known to have breeding grounds in this part of the sea. Thus, the region is rich in flora and fauna.

The Zakynthos Island is known to have some popular tourist destinations like the Navagio beach. This is a cove like beach made special by its turquoise waters and glistening sands. It is the most famous beach of Zakynthos. The other attractive features around the Zakynthos Island are the blue caves which are on the northern side, the Marathonisi which is an islet opposite to the Keri Lake. In the Zakynthos town is the Bochali hill on top of which is venetian castle which gives a panoramic view of the town.

Because of its popularity with the tourists, the Zakynthos Island also has good options of cuisine and accommodation. There is an abundance of clubs and bars and it also hosts parties like The Rum and Raybands Boat Party, Total Carnage, and the White Party. Leisure options are varied like sail boating, snorkelling, surfing, and mountain trekking. In terms of commuting, Zakynthos has an international airport which connects to major airports in Greece. Thus Zakynthos is a favourable holiday option for sea lovers.

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