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The Erasmus Bridge – Rotterdam – Netherlands

The Erasmus Bridge – Rotterdam – Netherlands


One of the constructional wonders of Holland, the Erasmus Bridge of Rotterdam is indeed a worth watch being a bridge resting on cables. It is by far, one of the most famous bridges of Netherlands and helps in connecting the northern and southern parts of Rotterdam.

The Erasmusbrug (Erasmus Bridge) was a creation of Ben van Berkel who completed it in the year 1996 and based on the structure of the bridge, which is 802 metres long and comes with a pylon whose height is 139 metres, the bridge also got the nick name of “The Swan”.


Not only has the Erasmus Bridge of Rotterdam facilitated the flow of traffic in between the northern and southern parts of Rotterdam but, it’s southern half also comes with an 89 metre long bascule bridge which makes it easier for the large ships to pass through below the bridge without any difficulty. The bascule bridge of the Erasmus Bridge is a standout in itself as there is no other bridge in the entire West Europe which is so big and so heavy. The panel used for this part of the bridge is the largest in the entire world.

Though a large score of money nearing about 163 million Euros was invested in the construction of the Erasmus Bridge, its opening for public in the year 1996 soon brought under notice the fact that the bridge started swinging noticeably whenever it faced strong gusts of winds. It was to prevent such inconvenient swinging conditions that dampers were installed in the bridge in the subsequent times.

The Erasmus Bridge of Rotterdam is the ideal symbol which conveys the industrial characteristic of the city too. Such is the magnitude and designer finesse of the entire structure that many of the neighbouring countries respect Netherlands for this development.


The popularity of the Erasmus Bridge of Rotterdam is also evident from the fact that it has been featured in Hollywood films like Jackie Chan’s ‘Who Am I?’ and has also appeared as a venue to a number of spectacular and media events like The Red Bull Air Races of 2005 or the background of DJ Tiesto’s performance called “Tiesto @ The Bridge, Rotterdam”, which was again held in 2005. In 2010 also, the Erasmus Bridge was brought to limelight when it was chosen to be the starting point of the Tour de France.

The Erasmus Bridge of Rotterdam is thus a living example of the fact that the current human race is making architectural progressions in leaps and bounds and each of them come with their unique contribution to the society.

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