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Tahiti Island – French Polynesia


A proud collection of the French colonial rule which is still considered to be the queen of the South Pacific is the Tahiti Island which the largest island of French Polynesia. The Tahiti Island is a result of volcanic eruptions which has left the land mountainous alongside surrounding it with coral reefs. As per the 2012 census, the population of the island is 183, 645 thereby leaving it to be the most populated island of the French Polynesia.


The capital of the Tahiti Island is Papeete which is located on the north western part of the island and also has the only international airport of the part, namely the Faa’a International Airport. The population of the Tahiti Island is a mix of Polynesians, Europeans, Chinese, and others of mixed lineage. The official language of this French colony is French to this date however; Tahitian is spoken by majority of the local population. Tahiti has tried many a times to gain independence from its colonial ruler but, so far their efforts have not paid them with results.


With its unusual natural features, like the steep mountains, waterfalls, deep valleys, curt coastlines, and a plethora of colourful flowers, the island of Tahiti is also quite popular amongst tourists across the world. It also not just the main island of Tahiti but also the neighbouring 118 islands all of which have their own unique specialities. Some of the prominent ones amongst them which have earned the crowns of being the best island and the ultimate romantic paradise are Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine, Taha’a, Raiatea, Manihi, Tikehau, Rangiroa, Fakarava and others which together take about 2 million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean.


Identifying this potential of the Tahiti Island and the neighbouring islands, it has also been made a bustling place for resorts, spas, colourful markets, night clubs, and boutiques to name some. All of them not only expose the tourists to the bounties and beauties of nature but they also take them closer to the Tahitian art and culture. A glimpse of these can be found in the works of the French painter Paul Gauguin who spent a good time of his life in Tahiti. Thus, all together Tahiti Island now stands for a complete paradise for people who wish to relax and chill with family and friends.


It provides a plethora of activities for the tourists starting from scuba diving, sailing, mountain hiking, surfing, body boarding, deep sea fishing, to name some. There are both special packages for staying as well as spending time learning the various activities. A range of accommodation is also available to fit the needs of various visitors.

The best way of reaching Tahiti Island is to make use of the international airport which is connected to various international locations like Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and so on. To move around the small island groups the ferry services come handy.

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