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Stonehenge – England


Amongst the various historical legends existing in England, the one which seems to be extremely mysterious yet engrossing is the Stonehenge which is located in Wiltshire. This site of prehistoric importance is built by some stones which are standing and which date back to the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Amongst these stones are also some burial mounds of stone and earth.


There is still much discussion which does rounds of the topic related to the significance of the Stonehenge. While some people have claimed that it was a site of sun worship, others seem to think of it as a burial ground or a healing site for the prehistoric men. The initial studies related to the creation of Stonehenge suggest that it was completed in three separate phases which involved about thirty million labour hours. The nearest big town to the Stonehenge is Avebury which is also famous for having the oldest earthworks within Europe. The importance of Stonehenge in the current England is associated with religious importance.


It becomes more difficult to find out about the history of the Stonehenge because the civilization which is supposedly behind its creation did not leave any written evidence of their presence. It is as per the recent most theories only that the significance of Stonehenge as a healing site has been given and it has been associated with the presence of graves in the region as well.  The site has also given rise to a number of folklores like that of the Friar’s heel or the sun-stone and legends as well.


The area around the Stonehenge along with the monument has undergone many changes of ownership from the medieval times of English monarchy. As with Industrialisation and Wars, the area was under the threat of encroachments therefore, a nationwide appeal was made to save the monument and finally it went under the control of the National Trust to maintain the area which also led to an increased flow of tourists to see the prehistoric monument. Alongside visitors, it is now also an attraction point for archaeologists and antiquarians.


An alteration of excavation and restoration has ensured that the Stonehenge does not loose its existence and its past can also be brought to the public forefront. Visiting the Stonehenge is known to be an affair of a day trip which can also include a visit to the other nearby sites of significance. Though the site is equipped with a proper car park but, the traffic to the site is kept under moderation. There are specific opening times for the site which keep varying between months. The site can be accessed through bus, train, and car. By train the nearest station is Salisbury from where again a bus or rented car can be of help to reach the location.

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