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Singapore Changi Airport


Usually airports are spaces which most of us cross in a transit mood with either elation, excitement, or focus for the upcoming events or with sorrow or tiredness from the days gone by. But, if you are crossing Singapore on any of your routes then the Changi Airport ensures that it takes you away from your mundane life and its worries for some time and allows some exciting environment in your transit destination.


Being the main airport of Singapore, the Changi Airport runs for 13.2 sq km and employs a major chunk of population in Singapore which mounts up to 28,000 people. It remains extremely busy with planes connecting it with about 60 countries across the world and serves as the home junction for a couple of important airlines like the Singapore Airlines, Scoot, Valuair. The Changi Airport was also used by the Qantas air for stopping over between Australia and Europe till earlier this year. Such is the volume of the Changi Airport that being a commuting route for 66 million passengers as well is not a big deal of the infrastructures. Till 2012, the three terminals of the airport have already catered to 51.2 million passengers thereby making it the second heavy traffic airport in Asia. Not to forget is that the traffic of the Changi Airport is not just limited to the movement of passengers but, it a bulk of cargo also passes through it. The year 2012 showed the cargo number of airport to be 1.81 million tonnes. Under such circumstances negotiations are on for the creation of the 4th terminal which it seems will be up by 2017.


The Singapore Changi Airport constructed by the PentaOcean Construction and maintained by the Changi Airport Group is known to be a paradise for a traveller because of range of facilities in both comfort and leisure. These reasons are responsible for its winning of a number of awards and accolades over the years.


There are a number of shops, eating places, entertainment arenas and places to relax which leaves a commuter with lots of options to remain engaged. The shopping malls and eating joints with bars are located mainly in the terminals one and two where there are also places to play games as well. Outside the Terminal 1 there are also a number of gardens, namely Sunflower, Orchid, Cactus gardens which have also been made for the relaxation of the travellers.


In the lounges belonging to the business and first classes there are reclining chair with big TVs which can be used for resting and entertainment as well. Additional facilities like that of shower, gym prayer and even hotels are made available everywhere for people travelling large distances and having higher transit times. More or less the entire Changi Airport is connected with free Wifi while computers stands are found at many places. Thus, apart from being a travelling pleasure the Changi Airport of Singapore is a worth visiting place of Southeast Asia.

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