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Schonbrunn Palace – Vienna – Austria


Vienna is known to be the most attractive tourist destination of Austria and in Vienna the one destination which every tourist wants to see is the Schönbrunn Palace. The earliest date of the Schönbrunn Palace goes back to 1642 and since 1960s it became a popular tourist destination.

Initially known as the Katterburg mansion, the place was always a recreation ground with hunting areas and a surrounding full of ducks, deer, boar and so on. Exotic birds were kept around and there were also fish ponds. In 1918 when the monarchy fell in Austria, the control of the Schönbrunn Palace went to the Austrian Republic who preserved the museum, rooms, and artefacts. At the time of the Second World War and Allied Occupation of Austria, the Schönbrunn Palace was given as an office space to British Delegations and Austrian Allied Commission. It also became a venue for important political meetings like that between John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev.


In the later years, the Schönbrunn Palace was found to be a worth preserving collection of Baroque art and was thus named as a Unesco World Heritage Site. By 2011, it is known to have had 2.7 million visitors and was amongst the most frequently visited tourist destinations of Vienna. Apart from the beauty of the place yet another reason for it having a large number of visitors is that the park near the palace has a free of cost entry. So, it is open to joggers and walkers too. Amongst the other worth visiting parts of the Schönbrunn Palace are the Gardens, the gloriette, the roman ruins and so on.

The garden of the Schönbrunn Palace is designed in a French style and appears like a maze. The maze and labyrinth are equally fascinating for both old and young tourists. While walking through the garden you come across the Gloriette which stands atop a hill and gives a beautiful view of the Vienna city from the cafe which is now located there. The Crown Princess Garden is also a destination worth exploring. In the Garden there are also 32 sculptures which symbolise virtues and deities.


To explore the Schönbrunn Palace there are tours which give the tourists an experience of the imperial age and how the people of the era lived. The tours are known as the Imperial and the Grand tours depending on the basis of the details which they cover. In the Grand Tour, you can see the rooms of Maria Theresa which belong to the 18th century. Such is the importance of the Schönbrunn Palace for Austria that it had been selected as the main motif for the Austrian 10-euro silver coin which came out in 2003.

Yet another entertainment option which take place in the Schönbrunn Palace are the Mozart and contemporary concerts which are organized in the beautiful halls of the palace. The popularity of the Schönbrunn Palace went up after it being featured in the Sissy trilogy of 1950s. Yet another comic movie of 1965, The Great Race, got filmed there.

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