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Santorini Island – Greece


From the Ionian Islands we now move to the Aegean Sea which covers the south eastern part of Greece and is the home to an archipelago of which the biggest island is Santorini which is also a popular tourist place. It is hard to imagine that a volcanic eruption can give rise to a landform which eventually turns to be as scenic as the Santorini Island.


Occupying a space of 73 sq km, Santorini municipality is a combination of two peopled islands of Santorini and Therasia and three empty islands namely Nea Kameni, Palaia Kameni, Aspronisi, and Christiana. The formation of all of them is the result of a volcanic eruption which happened ages ago and broke one big island to form a caldera. There are steep cliffs on three sides of Santorini with the main part of the island sloping towards the sea. On the fourth part is the island of Therasia which breaks the lagoon which runs between Santorini and the sea. The Santorini Island is known to be the active volcanic region of the South Aegean Volcanic Arc.  An evidence of this fact is that the area has recorded the largest volcanic eruption ever happening in history called the Minoan eruption. As per popular believe this has also been the cause behind the end of the Minoan civilization.


In the recent times, the earthquake which affected Santorini Island happened in Amorgos in 1956 and led to the evacuation of a number of villages in the northern parts of Santorini. In the current times, tourism is a flourishing industry of Santorini especially during the summer months and it is from this industry that the economy and population of the island are being expanded. In fact, Santorini has been named as “the world’s best island” by BBC in the year 2011.


One of the coveted attractions of the Santorini Island is the caldera within which are the two uninhabited popular islands of Palea and Nea Kameni. It is because of the dry climate of this region and the constant presence of sunlight that the tourists find it an ideal location for experiencing the interior part of a volcano and taking photographs and doing observations. The other attraction of the island is its sandy and organised beaches with the clear waters. The range of beaches on the Santorini Island is wide starting from the exclusiveness of the Red Beach to the family orientedness of Monolithos and the cosmopolitanisms of Perivolos. Two of the other popular tourist beaches are Kamari and Perissa.


The other worth exploring destinations of the Santorini Islands is its villages and museums. They give vast information about the cultures, civilizations, people and so on. Because of the geology of the place, the location has an abundance of stones of different varieties. Last but not least is the variety in the cuisines available in Santorini Island. While wine is a speciality of the region, the local cuisines include forms namely Brantada, Koskosela, Santorinio Sfougato, Tsounisti, and Melitinia.


Santorini Island is accessible through its major airport and buses and taxis make the rest of commuting easy.

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