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San Diego-Coronado Bridge – USA


One look and it seems that either a part of sky or a stream of water is flowing as a perfect bridge to gap the distance between San Diego and the island of Coronado. This is the famous San Diego-Coronado Bridge of USA which spreads over a distance of 2.12 miles. In use from 1969, this is a landmark bridge which forms an arc of 90 degrees with an elevation of 200 metres thereby giving a smooth sailing experience to the ships travelling through the underneath waters of San Diego Bay.

Connecting the two parts of USA, the San Diego-Coronado Bridge is known to be included in the State Route 75. The structure of the bridge was design by architect Robert Mosher and is supported by 30 arch like poles which are made of concrete and beneath them there are piles which are founded deep inside the floor of the bay. These piles are visibly submerged in water and have a diameter of about 54 inches. With such a strong foundation the San Diego-Coronado Bridge also received the award for the ‘Most Beautiful Bridge’ in the year 1970 from American Institute of Steel Construction.


The construction of the San Diego-Coronado Bridge costed $ 50 million and the blue colour which is covers the entire bridge makes it a treat for the eyes. Initially, the San Diego-Coronado Bridge was maintained as a toll bridge and the toll booth which was constructed in Coronado charged an amount of $1 from each vehicle. As this practise encouraged the commuters to use the old ferry services to cross the bay therefore, eventually the toll system was closed. In the current times, commuting through the San Diego-Coronado Bridge both sides is done free of cost and therefore find about 100,000 vehicles using it every day.

In the beginning, traffic on the San Diego-Coronado Bridge commuted through the 4 lanes which though did not accommodate cyclers or pedestrians but, had an emergency lane for the cars to stop in need or for taking photographs. However, after 1993, this system was removed and the number of lanes was increased to five with traffic running from both sides. The central lane which got introduced later is known as the reversible lane which is adjusted as per the traffic of both sides.


The San Diego-Coronado Bridge is an architectural wonder in itself and additionally the eastern pillars of the bridge are adorned with big murals of notable places like the Chicano Park and so on. It is also a sight which holds a number of events like the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, the Navy-organized Bay Bridge Run/ Walk and so on. The bridge has also gained some infamous publicity as being a spot for suicides and fatal jumps.

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