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Redwood National and State Parks – California – USA


If wildlife enthrals you and sea side fills you with energy then here’s a vacation location which has the mix of both and is an exciting destination. The Redwood national and state parks situated on the northern coast of California is not just the home of the tallest trees on Earth but also conserves in itself a large variety of wildlife alongside a neat coastline. The Redwood national and state park comes as a combination of Redwood national park, the Del Norte Coast of California, Jedediah Smith and the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Parks.


The entire area covered by the Redwood national and state parks is estimated to be about 133,000 acres which has a variety of flora and fauna, the prairie grasslands, some parts of rivers, and definitely the coast. Earlier, in 1850, the area covered by the redwood forests were about 2,000,000 acres. Alongside the Native American dwellers of that time, the population of the region had some lumber men and others who came in the search of gold. When the gold search busted out these people too started cutting of the woods so as to make money from the massive development boom taking place in nearby places like San Francisco. However, by 1920s the depletion of the forest area was seriously taken in to consideration and a movement started for the conservation of trees.


It was the tree re growing venture which was the starting point of the above named parks. When about 90% trees were re planted, the formation of the Redwood National Park took place in 1968. Soon the forest management venture also took under itself the responsibility to manage watershed.

Currently the Redwood national and state parks are home to a number of animals belonging to the endangered species. Some of them are like the Brown Pelican, Tidewater Goby, Chinook salmon, Northern spotted owl, Steller’s sea lion, to name some. Among the trees, the redwoods of the northern California are known to be 20 million years old. They are also the tallest exiting in todays world, with the tallest one being Hyperion which is 379.1 feet tall. Most of the redwood trees found here are known to grow and live near the water sources like rivers and streams. The soil mats found in these regions also give shelter to a wide variety of invertebrates, molluscs, earthworms, and so on. There is yet another remarkably tall tree in the region called Coast Douglas fir which is about 300 metres tall.


The coastal area of this region is known to be the most seismically active part of US. There often earthquakes and erosion of sea cliffs which also change the river channels.

In the Redwood national and state parks there are three visitor centres from which you can start the guided natural tours alongside getting the added information about the place. During the months of summer there is the provision of campfires and picnic spots as well and all of them can be reached with vehicles.

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