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Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant – Israel


Under sea expeditions are always exciting and when such an expedition is teamed with your favourite cuisine and beverage, it is not difficult to imagine what a splendid experience that can be. The Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant gives such a once in a lifetime experience. This underwater restaurant and bar is located under the Red Sea at a distance of 70 metres from the shore of Eilat located on the southern most part of Israel and is the only one existing throughout the world.


The Red Sea Star Restaurant which opened for public in 1998 is connected to the main land with a help of a bridge which connects to the Le Meridian Hotel. Apart from being a bar and restaurant it is also an undersea observatory which gives the scope to feel the underwater marine life from a very close proximity. The Red Sea Star Restaurant was designed by Mr. Moshe Dreemer and Dr. Nitai Dreemer and the architect appointed for the project has been Sefi Kiryaty.


The Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant is shaped like a star and has 62 windows surrounding it so that all visitors can have an outside view. The windows, weighing 12 tonnes, are made to bear the water pressure beneath. The Red Sea Star has two upper levels also which act as the entrance, coffee shop, souvenir shop, auditorium, and kitchen alongside the rest rooms and some offices. The auditorium has the capacity of seating 90 people and gives a splendid view of the Gulf of Aqaba and the mountains of Edom. Thus the exceptional construction of the unit enables one to have a dry deep sea diving experience and also enjoy mystical a party on the deck with music of the different ages being played in the upper dance floor called the “Metro Bar”.


Amongst the many reasons of popularity of the Red Sea Star Restaurant is the fact that it helps in the preservation of the underwater coral reefs and marine lives. It gives the scope to all its visitors to have a look at the marine life even during night times without causing any disturbance to the underwater inhabitants. The maintenance of the Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant is in the hands of many skilful divers and marine experts who have helped in the preservation and nurturing of the inhabitants underwater and also the reconstruction of the restaurant cum observatory.


As per the cuisine is concerned, the Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant serves a delicious range of meat and seafood for its customers. Enjoying the cuisine while watch the coral gardens and tropical sea life makes the experience an unforgettable one. The interior of the restaurant has also been made to compliment the exterior atmosphere. The restaurant is open every day of the week including holidays from day to night and also entertains tours which are given the provision of enjoying a buffet. Keeping in mind the popularity prior reservations are advised for individual groups.

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