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Palace of Versailles – France


When in France do not miss to see the things which are exclusively French like the Palace of Versailles which is better known as the Château de Versailles. Hailing back to the seventeenth century when Versailles was more of a village, about 20 kilometres on the southwest of Paris, Louis XIV converted his father’s hunting accommodation to the mammoth Palace of Versailles. It remained the French political centre from 1682 to 1789 when during the onset of the French Revolution; the royal family was forced to return to Paris.

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Schonbrunn Palace – Vienna – Austria


Vienna is known to be the most attractive tourist destination of Austria and in Vienna the one destination which every tourist wants to see is the Schönbrunn Palace. The earliest date of the Schönbrunn Palace goes back to 1642 and since 1960s it became a popular tourist destination.

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Palace of the Parliament – Bucharest – Romania


Even though the communist rule has come to an end in Romania but, the importance of the Casa Poporului or the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest has not gone down even to a bit. It rather now serves many purposes like, holding the Romanian Parliament, having Romania’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and also having a good conference centre. There are also guided tours of the Casa Poporului which means the People’s House and it therefore stands out in the world by being the world’s largest civilian building with an administrative function.

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