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Travel Distance Calculator

Travel Distance Calculator

Princess Juliana International Airport – Sint Maarten


The beginning of Princess Juliana International Airport was in 1942 as a military airstrip which in the longer run got opened for public use in 1943. It is also known as Sint Maarten airport which is located on the Dutch part of the Saint Martin Island. Its position is 15km on the northwest of Philipsburg which is the Dutch capital of the island. The French part of the island has another airport of its own.

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San Miguel de Allende – Mexico


Once a forgotten city, San Miguel de Allende rose again to be one of the prettiest cities of Mexico. The location of San Miguel de Allende is in the eastern part of Guanajuato city in the central part of Mexico. The distance between San Miguel de Allende and Mexico City is 274 kilometre and that from the capital of Guanajuato is 97 km.

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Burj Khalifa – Dubai


An ambitious project, though a bit ill timed but still, a standout in the world is Burj Khalifa or the Burj Dubai as it was before the inauguration took place in 2009. Standing tall at a height of 829.8 metres, it is the tallest man made structure of the world.

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