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Travel Distance Calculator

Machu Picchu – Peru


It hard to believe without having a look at Machu Picchu that at an empire existing decades ago could build something so urban and amazing. The date of the site goes back to the 15th century and it is located about 2,430 metres above the sea level. The location of Machu Picchu is in the Cusco Region in Machupicchu district of Peru. Below the mountain ridge of Machu Picchu stands a sacred valley through which the Urubamba River flows. Archaeologists believe that the estate belonged to the Inca emperor Pachacuti who lost his empire under the attack of the Spaniards in 16th century.

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Millau Viaduct – France


France boasts of a number of wonderful and scenic tourist destinations one of which is the Millau Viaduct Bridge which covers the Tarn River valley near Millau in the southern provinces of France. Started in December 2004, the Millau Viaduct Bridge has a number of features which make it remarkable.

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Palace of the Parliament – Bucharest – Romania


Even though the communist rule has come to an end in Romania but, the importance of the Casa Poporului or the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest has not gone down even to a bit. It rather now serves many purposes like, holding the Romanian Parliament, having Romania’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and also having a good conference centre. There are also guided tours of the Casa Poporului which means the People’s House and it therefore stands out in the world by being the world’s largest civilian building with an administrative function.

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