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Travel Distance Calculator

Faisal Mosque – Islamabad – Pakistan


Amongst the scenically standing out abodes of God in Asia is also the Faisal Mosque of Pakistan which is known to be the biggest in Pakistan and is also the National Mosque of the country. Situated in the national capital, Islamabad, the Faisal Mosque was designed by a Turkish architect named Vedat Dalokay and got completed in 1986.

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Mount Fuji – Japan


A commonly used symbol for Japan, Mount Fuji, at the height of 3,776.24, is the tallest mountain of Japan. It stands tall in the Honshu Island which is 100 kilometres in the south western direction of Tokyo and on the borders of Yamannashi and Shizuoka. Mount Fuji is an active volcano which last erupted in the year 1708. The mountain can be clearly seen from both Tokyo and Osaka on a clear day.

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GoldenEye Hotel & Resort – Jamaica


If you are a James Bond fan then the GoldenEye Hotel & Resort should certainly be of great interest to you because it is here that author Ian Fleming penned all his 14 novels. Situated in the Jamaican town of Oracabessa, the GoldenEye Hotel & Resort stands next to the Golden Clouds estate and is under the ownership of Chris Blackwell who is by profession both a philanthropist and an entrepreneur in the field of entertainment. His other properties include Island Records, Palm Pictures and Island Outpost.

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