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Travel Distance Calculator

Travel Distance Calculator

Schonbrunn Palace – Vienna – Austria


Vienna is known to be the most attractive tourist destination of Austria and in Vienna the one destination which every tourist wants to see is the Schönbrunn Palace. The earliest date of the Schönbrunn Palace goes back to 1642 and since 1960s it became a popular tourist destination.

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Lausanne – Switzerland


For those of you who are sports enthusiasts, the hilly Olympic Capital of Lausanne should not be unknown. Though a city in Switzerland, Lausanne falls in a location where most people speak French and is known to be the capital of Vaud. The geographic landforms which lie close to it are the Lake Geneva and the Jura Mountains. The distance between Lausanne and Geneva is 62 kilometres.

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Space Needle – Seattle – USA


If height does not scare you and watching horizons fascinate you then the observatory tower standing in the middle of Seattle in Washington called the Space Needle will certainly impress you. It is a famous landmark of the North-western part of America which got built in 1962. It has a height of 605 feet and a width of 138 feet. The weight of the Space Needle is 9,550 tons.

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