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Tahiti Island – French Polynesia


A proud collection of the French colonial rule which is still considered to be the queen of the South Pacific is the Tahiti Island which the largest island of French Polynesia. The Tahiti Island is a result of volcanic eruptions which has left the land mountainous alongside surrounding it with coral reefs. As per the 2012 census, the population of the island is 183, 645 thereby leaving it to be the most populated island of the French Polynesia.

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Louvre Museum – Paris – France

Louvre Classique

Known to be the centre of fine arts, Paris, has a number of spectacular places to offer to the tourists visiting the city. However, the one place which has continued to be the focus of attraction, drawing people to France and thereafter to Paris, is the Louvre Museum. Recognised as the landmark of Paris, the Louvre Museum stands on the Right Bank of the river Seine. It is situated on an area of 60,600 sq metres and is known to be the largest and most visited museum throughout the world.

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Heaven Lake (Cheonji) – crater lake


Volcanic mountains are big and scary but when they turn dead or dormant they are often observed to give rise to other beautiful land and water bodies like that happening to the crater of the Baekdu Mountain in the mountain range of Baekdudaegan. Situated on the border of China and North Korea is a beautiful crater lake called the Heaven Lake, also known as Tianchi, which is a formation of the glaciers around the Baekdu Mountain. A part of the Heaven Lake falls in the Ryanggang Province of North Korea and the other part falls in the Jilin Province of north east China.

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