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Maldive Islands – Indian Ocean


A combination of ancient volcanoes and coral reefs springing up around their edges to become a tourist paradise is all what can be said about Maldive Islands on the Indian Ocean. Though now the volcanoes peacefully lie under the ocean but the coral reefs still exist for the breeding of civilization. The Maldive Islands have been through a number of atrocities both from nature and from the colonial rulers to finally spring back with an identity of its own.

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Taipei 101 – Taipei – China


When the traditional foundations of cities give way to modern structures which blend both traditional and modern styles then, the city can be truly judged to be starting to get modern. A live example of this fact is the world famous skyscraper named Taipei 101 which is the pride of Xin-Yi district of Taipei in China. With a height of 509 metres, it was once known to be the tallest building on the Earth before being overtaken by Burj Khalifa of Dubai.

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Stonehenge – England


Amongst the various historical legends existing in England, the one which seems to be extremely mysterious yet engrossing is the Stonehenge which is located in Wiltshire. This site of prehistoric importance is built by some stones which are standing and which date back to the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Amongst these stones are also some burial mounds of stone and earth.

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