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Colmar – the most beautiful city in Europe


If your vacation plans make you enthusiastic for a city travel then Colmar is the place to opt for. Being the third largest commune of Alsace in the north eastern part of France, Colmar is not only hard to ignore, rather is often called the most beautiful city of Europe. It is a town dating back to the 1200s and since the location of Colmar is close to Strasbourg so, there is a direct train connection from the city to Colmar too.

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Saint Basil’s Cathedral – Moscow – Russia


It is not unknown to the world that the colourful Saint Basil’s Cathedral, being a rarity in its architectural plan and colour scheme, is the main attraction and also the icon for Moscow and Russia. Officially known as the Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat, this Russian Orthodox Church stands on the Red Square of Moscow.

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Palm Islands – Dubai


The modern man has reached such a stature in creating wonders that now it is not a big deal to challenge nature and create man made landforms as well. A glaring example of this fact are the two man-made islands of Dubai, namely the Palm Jumeirah and the Palm Jebel Ali. The biggest benefit of these two islands in the economy of Dubai is that not only they attract tourists but also given sufficient increased space to accommodate these tourists by increasing the coastline of the rich city.

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