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Travel Distance Calculator

Travel Distance Calculator

Huanglong – Sichuan – China


A scene directly from the book of fairytales is the Huanglong historic interest area which falls on the north-western part of Sichuan, China. Nestled in the southern part of the Minshan Mountains, this place seems unearthly with its blue pools, snowy mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, and an ecosystem which is filled with diversity.

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The World Islands (archipelago) – Dubai


Going across the World is something that only few people can do in their lifetime. However, if you visit Dubai then there is a chance of covering the world within half a day. This is made possible by the creation of the artificially made archipelago of small islands on the Persian Gulf which reflect the map of the World. These islands, together called the World Islands, are situated at a distance of 4 kilometres from the coast of Dubai and is in continuation with the other artificial islands of the rich city.

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Marina Bay Sands – integrated resort in Singapore


Singapore took leisure and entertainment to a new level with the opening of the Marina Bay Sands in 2011. It is a resort with many options and stands right in front of Singapore’s famous Marina Bay. The property has been developed by the Las Vegas Sands and is the world’s most expensive casino which is billed $8 million.

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