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Travel Distance Calculator

Magdeburg Water Bridge – Germany


So far it is mainly known that concrete bridges are responsible for bridging gaps between landforms and land parts however, here is a water bridge which bridges the gap between two water bodies as well as two conflicted part of a nation in Germany and offers a great help in transporting cargoes through the Elbe River. This is the Magdeburg Water Bridge which runs between Elbe-Havel Canal and Mittelland Canal and has been of great use ever since its completion in 2003.

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Sky Lantern Festival – Taiwan


In every country there are customs which have their own traditional significances and even though the times progress, the enthusiasm towards these never decrease. An example of one such custom and festival is the Sky Lantern Festival of Taiwan which now attracts many tourists to Taiwan on the specific days when the sky becomes a sea of light.

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Palace of Versailles – France


When in France do not miss to see the things which are exclusively French like the Palace of Versailles which is better known as the Château de Versailles. Hailing back to the seventeenth century when Versailles was more of a village, about 20 kilometres on the southwest of Paris, Louis XIV converted his father’s hunting accommodation to the mammoth Palace of Versailles. It remained the French political centre from 1682 to 1789 when during the onset of the French Revolution; the royal family was forced to return to Paris.

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