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Papakolea Beach – Green Sand Beach – Hawaii


When most beaches of the world get their popularity from their glistening golden coloured sand, there are five such beach destinations which stand out from the rest because of their green coloured sand. One amongst those five destinations is Papakolea Beach popularly also known as the Green Sand Beach which is present in the southern tip of South Point which lies in the Kaʻū district of the Big Hawaiian Island. The remaining four beaches include the Talafofo Beach in Guam, the Punta Cormorant in Floreana Island of Galapagos Island, and the Hornindalsvatnet in Norway.

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Cathedral of Maringá – Brazil


Visiting to this abode of God gives the feel that you are almost reaching God up there because the Cathedral of Maringá, in the downtown of the Maringa in Parana, Brazil is the tallest church in the entire South America and is also the 16th tallest church in the entire world.

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Ferrari World – world’s largest indoor theme park – Abu Dhabi


Theme parks are always known to be amusing places and when it is the Ferrari World of Abu Dhabi then the amusement and excitement reaches a new level altogether. The theme park of Ferrari World which started in November 2010 covers a roof area of 200,000sq metre and is thus known to be the largest amusement park of the world created indoors.

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