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Travel Distance Calculator

Travel Distance Calculator

San Diego-Coronado Bridge – USA


One look and it seems that either a part of sky or a stream of water is flowing as a perfect bridge to gap the distance between San Diego and the island of Coronado. This is the famous San Diego-Coronado Bridge of USA which spreads over a distance of 2.12 miles. In use from 1969, this is a landmark bridge which forms an arc of 90 degrees with an elevation of 200 metres thereby giving a smooth sailing experience to the ships travelling through the underneath waters of San Diego Bay.

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Žižkov Television Tower – Prague – Czech Republic


During the communist regime a number of ambitious architectural projects were undertaken in many parts of Eastern Europe. The Žižkov Television Tower which stands in the Žižkov district of Prague in the Czech Republic is both a famous and an infamous building of that era. The construction of this transmitting tower took place between 1985 and 1992 and is currently the tallest building of Prague.

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Glacier National Park – Montana – USA


If you have not had the experience to see pristine nature in a well preserved national park then there is no better place on Earth than the Glacier National Park which is located in the US state of Montana which is on the border of US and Canada. It is also here that the American and Canadian parts of the Rocky Mountains greet each other and give shelter to a numerous species of plants and animals.

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