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Mercedes-Benz Museum – Stuttgart – Germany


Germany is a country famous for its automobile brands and one amongst them is Mercedes Benz. For any automobile enthusiast it is always a lifetime opportunity to see the automobile museum of Mercedes Benz situated in Stuttgart and go through the history of the global brand. The museum is a strong crowd puller of Stuttgart which is the home and headquarters of Daimler AG.

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Louvre Museum – Paris – France

Louvre Classique

Known to be the centre of fine arts, Paris, has a number of spectacular places to offer to the tourists visiting the city. However, the one place which has continued to be the focus of attraction, drawing people to France and thereafter to Paris, is the Louvre Museum. Recognised as the landmark of Paris, the Louvre Museum stands on the Right Bank of the river Seine. It is situated on an area of 60,600 sq metres and is known to be the largest and most visited museum throughout the world.

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