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Marbella – Spain


Think about a holiday which gives you a mix of posh surroundings with stylish people around, all sorts of entertainment including a vivacious night life, a range of culture, and a scope to enjoy nature too. Marbella in the southern parts of Spain is option to all of these. It can be called a second name for a glamorous yet refreshing vacation.

If you moved over the Mediterranean then while passing through Malaga and the Gibraltar Strait, you can spot Marbella in between the two places and on the foothills of Sierra Blanca. It is known to cover an area of 117 sq kilometres and is the second populated municipality of the Malaga province located in the community of Andalusia.  By 2012 the population of Marbella was known to be 140,473 and it is one of the most tourist attractive locations of Spain.


Developed in a style completely different from the high rises of most of the southern Spain, Marbella signifies the true spirits of Andalusia. Situated next to the sea, the houses have big wooden balconies and the streets are full of cafes, bars, local boutiques, terrace restaurants, and so on. The other attractions of Marbella include sites of archaeological importance, museums, and a nonstop cultural calendar which includes variety starting from concerts of reggae music to marvellous opera performances. On the western side of Marbella is Puerto Banus which offers an exciting nightlife comprised of cocktail lounges, casinos, and impressive yachts.


As Marbella is a popular tourist destination so, a number of five star hotels and resorts have also invested in the place to get their share of business. Although Marbella is an urban location but, there are still some parts where the original natural set up still exists with mountains covered by chestnut trees, and the vegetations including pine, ferns, Aleppo, and so on. These natural parts still hide in themselves a variety of wildlife like foxes, hawks, eagles, badgers, wild goats and deer to name some.


The main places of attraction in Marbella include the Old Town, The Golden Mile of Nueva Andalusia, San Pedro de Alcantara, District of Las Chapas, and of course the various beaches. As Marbella also upholds the Andalusian culture so a variety of cultural programmes including the Marbella International Opera Festival keep the calendar rolling. The restaurants of Marbella serve a plethora of sea food in addition to the native cuisines.


While the closest airport to Marbella is M√°laga-Costa Del Sol, it is one of the largest municipalities not served by rail. There are intercity buses and loads of taxis which serve as the means of communication. The tourist crowd of Marbella is mainly dominated by the rich, the aristocrats, and the celebs. These people love to enjoy the sea on their massive yachts and cruise ships. Some of the well known dwellers of Marbella include the actor George Clooney, actress Joan Collins, writer Vincent Cronin, and multimillionaire Mark Langford to name some.


Thus, everything put together Marbella makes a good vacation spot.

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