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Newgrange – Ireland


The 5000 year old monument which now stands as a strong symbol for Ireland and is also a popular tourist site for the country is Newgrange. It is a Neolithic structure which is known to be older than the English Stonehenge and the Egyptian Pyramid of Giza. Ireland has two more similar mound structures which belong to the same age, namely Knowth and Dowth. All of them have been tagged as UNESCO Heritage Sites.

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Mount Fuji – Japan


A commonly used symbol for Japan, Mount Fuji, at the height of 3,776.24, is the tallest mountain of Japan. It stands tall in the Honshu Island which is 100 kilometres in the south western direction of Tokyo and on the borders of Yamannashi and Shizuoka. Mount Fuji is an active volcano which last erupted in the year 1708. The mountain can be clearly seen from both Tokyo and Osaka on a clear day.

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Machu Picchu – Peru


It hard to believe without having a look at Machu Picchu that at an empire existing decades ago could build something so urban and amazing. The date of the site goes back to the 15th century and it is located about 2,430 metres above the sea level. The location of Machu Picchu is in the Cusco Region in Machupicchu district of Peru. Below the mountain ridge of Machu Picchu stands a sacred valley through which the Urubamba River flows. Archaeologists believe that the estate belonged to the Inca emperor Pachacuti who lost his empire under the attack of the Spaniards in 16th century.

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