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Great Pyramid of Giza – Egypt


While the technological breakthroughs highlight one side of the human accomplishments, looking at the ancient architectures, it is established that man had started making wonders from very early times. The Great Pyramid of Giza which stands on the borders of El Giza plateau in Egypt is the glaring example of this fact.

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Petra – Jordan


Have you ever seen a rose on a mountain standing the tests of time and nature? Well, this can be a possible definition of Petra which is a magnificent ancient city in the province of Ma’an lying on the southern side of Jordan. This city is the creation of Nabataeans who built it as their capital in about 312 BCE by cutting the pink coloured rock on the slope of Mount Hor.

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Chichen Itza – Mexico


The traces of the prehistoric civilizations are wonders of the world as they tell about the thoughts and working of the then existing men. A glorious example of this is the Chichen Itza which preserves the traces of the Maya civilization. This archaeological site which is also a popular tourist destination is located in the Yucatan State of Mexico. It has a number of stone structures and architecture which throw light on the belief and practises of Mayan civilization who built this city in between 750 to 1200 AD.

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