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Lake Titicaca – the highest navigable lake in the world


In the heart of South American and amidst Andes, there is the Lake Titicaca at the height of 3812 metres above sea level. While on one side of the Lake Titicaca is Peru, the other side is Bolivia and in the midst of them this huge blue mass of water seems like a floating gem. Such is the volume of the lake that it supports the navigation of large boats amongst which the recent one has been the Manco Capac which is operated by the PeruRail.

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Heaven Lake (Cheonji) – crater lake


Volcanic mountains are big and scary but when they turn dead or dormant they are often observed to give rise to other beautiful land and water bodies like that happening to the crater of the Baekdu Mountain in the mountain range of Baekdudaegan. Situated on the border of China and North Korea is a beautiful crater lake called the Heaven Lake, also known as Tianchi, which is a formation of the glaciers around the Baekdu Mountain. A part of the Heaven Lake falls in the Ryanggang Province of North Korea and the other part falls in the Jilin Province of north east China.

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Pangong Tso Lake – Himalayas


Yet another scenic destination of the Asian continent is the Pangong Tso which in Tibetan language means “long, narrow, enchanted lake”. This salt water lake runs for 83 miles between India and Tibet out of which only one third falls within India and the rest falls in Tibet under the administration of China. The Pangong Tso or Pangong Lake is situated at a height of 4,350 m (14,270 ft) amongst the Himalayas.

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