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Horseshoe Bend – Arizona – USA


Sometimes the landscapes, under natural processes across time, form shapes which are beyond the human imagination. A sample of this is the meander route of the Colorado River in Page, Arizona of United States. It is bent in the form of a horse shoe and is located about 5 miles from the Glen Canyon Dam and the Lake Powell both of which are there in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.


The horseshoe bent has an angle of 270° and is an ideal hiking destination where the cliff is about 4,200 feet above the sea level. Going up the cliff also takes you back in time as it is a glaring example of the evolution of the geography. This cliff is a part of the largest sand dune area which covered North America about 200 million years ago. The sea of sand was known as erg then and with time as a result of water and minerals got converted in to Navajo Sandstone. With time though, this sandstone got covered with different layers of sandstone, mudstone, and so on but, the erosion caused due to rain and streams have again brought out the Navajo Sandstone. Now the horseshoe bent stands overlooking the River Colorado.


As the cliff forming the horse shoe bent is a true sample of nature’s cycle it also has traces of other rocky minerals like calcite, limestone, and iron. The Colorado River too has changed its course over the decades and now cuts through the sandstone to flow through the bend. Foresight says that the eroding phenomenon of the river can create a natural bridge in the coming years and the circular channel may no longer exist. As the Colorado River also known to be about 3,200 feet deep so, the falls from the Horseshoe bend are known to be fairly dangerous.


Being near to the Grand Canyon area the day times in the Horseshoe bend are known to be extremely hot. It is therefore recommended that while trekking in this area you shoe certainly have good amount of fluids and hiking shoes too. However, the day times of the summer months are also considered to be the best in terms of taking photographs of the natural wonder. The speciality of this time is that light gets deep within the canyon and thus gives brilliant view of the entire area.


The best way to reach the Horseshoe bend is to take the highway 89 south from Page. Reaching Page by air can happen through the Great Lake Aviation which has connection to major cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and so on. Within Page you can also get taxis or car rentals to go to the Grand Canyon locations.

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