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GoldenEye Hotel & Resort – Jamaica


If you are a James Bond fan then the GoldenEye Hotel & Resort should certainly be of great interest to you because it is here that author Ian Fleming penned all his 14 novels. Situated in the Jamaican town of Oracabessa, the GoldenEye Hotel & Resort stands next to the Golden Clouds estate and is under the ownership of Chris Blackwell who is by profession both a philanthropist and an entrepreneur in the field of entertainment. His other properties include Island Records, Palm Pictures and Island Outpost.


Situated close to the beach and surrounded by Banyan trees, the locality of the GoldenEye Hotel & Resort can be associated with the white villa with glassless windows as portrayed in the Bond flicks. Actually when Ian Fleming bought this land of donkey racetrack, he developed his haven in this manner so that his svelte detective appears as simple yet luxurious.  After the death of the author the land then went in hands of reggae singer Bob Marley who too did not survive for long to enjoy the property. However, Marley, before dying, sold it to Blackwell who although initial used the property just to entertain his friends and later turned it into an elegant hotel.


Currently the GoldenEye Hotel & Resort stands on 40acres of land which was refurbished from its old form and reopened in the year 2010. It appears like a cluster of tropical buildings which are surrounded by private gardens and beaches. To enhance the informal feel of the place Blackwell has also got cottage and huts made in between two beaches namely, Bond Beach and Low Cay Beach. The speciality of the private gardens is that they have bathtubs which give a view of the sea.


Within the premises of the GoldenEye Hotel & Resort is the original villa of the author Ian Fleming and though some renovation has been done to it but the original plan has been retained as per before. It has his writing desk and some old furniture.  In the recent times some additional renovations have been done to the premises to include a supermarket, some more restaurants, spa, and health centre, tennis court, and an increase in the number of private beaches. It has a total of 20 rooms now along with six cottages of one bedroom and five cottages of two bedrooms. The GoldenEye Hotel & Resort is well connected in terms of modern services like WiFi. The rooms too are fitted with flat screen TVs, Logitech squeeze boxes, and so on.


The restaurants of GoldenEye Hotel & Resort serve all exotic foods of choice along with ingredients which are grown in the organic farm of Blackwell. The best part is that apart from vacations, the GoldenEye Hotel & Resort is also available for events like weddings, and more. It can be reached by a 2hr drive from Montego Bay Airport which is served by many big airlines or a 20min drive from Ocho Rios.

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