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Constance Moofushi Resort – Maldives


If you are considering Maldives as your next location to chill and relax then the abode has to be the Moofushi resort. Amongst the many small islands making Maldives, this is on one which takes you away from the mundane hustle bustle and pampers you while keeping the connection with the rest of the world. Staying just next to or above the diverse marine life of Indian Ocean can’t get better than that given by the villas of the Moofushi Resort.


The Moofushi resort is located on the island of Southern Ari Atoll near to the mainland of Maldives and seems like a complete paradise. It is at a 30 minutes distance from the International Male airport by means of a sea plane and has all possible types of facilities brought together in one location. The Moofushi Resort can be called the sole attraction and the bread earner for this faraway island and is surrounded by the lagoons of Indian Ocean which serve the purpose of being great diving and snorkelling spots for divers. The beaches around the water body are sandy and the best part of the region is its tropical character which makes a vacation truly comfortable and enjoyable.


The accommodation facility of the Moofushi resort, which is its primary attraction, is a combination of thatched roof villas which are both on the beach and floating above the water like reefs. The total number of rooms in the resort is known to be 110. Though simple in appearance, they are spotless and have all modern amenities which are required by tourists all across the globe like, fans, ACs, TVs, WiFi, shower, minibars, and so on.  As mentioned previously, the packages of Moofushi Resort are all inclusive and thus also include in them the culinary experiences which are extended by the expert chefs of the resort. Though they are simple but the dishes are high on the taste quotient.


One of the restaurants of the Moofushi Resort, named Manta, stands apart from the rest through its sand floor and also the above the water which gives a fantastic view of the Indian Ocean. It serves various types of cuisines, including Maldivian and Italian in its buffets. If you are a fan of grilled food then you can enjoy of variety of meat and sea food freshly grilled in the a la carte restaurant of Moofushi Resort named Alizee. There are two types of bars as well in the Moofushi Resort, named Manta and Totem bar. The Manta bar again has a sand floor and serves cocktails while fresh smoothies and other soft drinks are available for visitors in the Totem bar.


Apart from accommodation and food, the Moofushi Resort is also well equipped in other comfort options like swimming pools, spas, sports centres and so on. For leisure, equipments are available to get indulged in water sports and excursions. Thus, if you have never experienced the feel of living on an adventure island, Moofushi Resort helps in fulfilling that dream.

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