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Colmar – the most beautiful city in Europe


If your vacation plans make you enthusiastic for a city travel then Colmar is the place to opt for. Being the third largest commune of Alsace in the north eastern part of France, Colmar is not only hard to ignore, rather is often called the most beautiful city of Europe. It is a town dating back to the 1200s and since the location of Colmar is close to Strasbourg so, there is a direct train connection from the city to Colmar too.


Colmar got its popularity from two main reasons; one being that it was the last city of France to get free at the end of the Second World War. And secondly, that it falls on the Alsatian Wine Plantation and thereby also gets referred as the Alsatian wine capital. Colmar, being an old town yet nicely preserved town, is quite scenic and has a number of heritage architecture of significance, prime amongst them are Unterlinden Museum which has the Isenheim Altarpiece.


The surrounding of Colmar is also quite scenic with the Vosges Mountains being on the east and the city being connected to the Rhine River by means of a canal. The entire metropolitan of Colmar is known to have a population of 126, 957 in the year 2009. So far, through various decades, Colmar has seen the domination of both Swiss and German empires before coming back to France at the end of the First World War.


Therefore, being an old imperial city, Colmar has a number of nicely done squares and fountains which indicate that it had seen the times of being a wealthy city. It was also the dwelling place of the Auguste Bartholdi, who is better known as the maker of the Statue of Liberty. One of the fountains in the city has his creation in the form of a boy drinking. There is also a museum which displays his sculptures, paintings and other objects of his.


Amongst the places of interest is also the Musee Unterlinden which is a monastery converted to a museum. It displays a variety of objects starting from archaeological artefacts to Renaissance pieces of art, and so on. The other worth visiting places in Colmar include Maison des Tetes, Maison Pfister, Dominican Church, St. Martin Church, Bartholdi Museum, and La petite Venise to name some.


The most preferred means of going around Colmar is through the canal which conducts boat trips. It is a pleasurable ride through the canal which is adorned with colourful flowers on both sides. While the accessibility of the city through train has been mentioned above, the Euroairport at Basel is the nearest airport to the city. Colmar has some plush and reasonable hotels to stay which also have friendly staff. It is also a place where you can fill your appetite with some tasty food and great wine. Clothes and shoes are such items which are worth buying from Colmar. Thus, Colmar is a true paradise for holiday goers from across the world.

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