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15 of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe


With the month of December springing up on the calendar, alike the family and loved ones, excitement is also about the smell of cinnamon, ginger bread and wine. You tend to welcome the brightly lit Christmas markets on the street corners where mundane life comes to a standstill.

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Pattaya – Thailand


Widely known as the sin city, Pattaya still holds its popularity amongst tourists from Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. It is situated on the south-eastern part of Thailand and occupies the eastern coast of Gulf of Thailand. Pattaya has a population of 1,000,000 and falls in a densely industrial part of South East Asia.

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Colmar – the most beautiful city in Europe


If your vacation plans make you enthusiastic for a city travel then Colmar is the place to opt for. Being the third largest commune of Alsace in the north eastern part of France, Colmar is not only hard to ignore, rather is often called the most beautiful city of Europe. It is a town dating back to the 1200s and since the location of Colmar is close to Strasbourg so, there is a direct train connection from the city to Colmar too.

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