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Angel Falls – Venezuela

Angel Falls – Venezuela


The Angel Falls of Venezuela is better known as the highest uninterrupted waterfall of the world which falls from a height of 979 metres and takes a plunge of 807 metres. The mountain from which the water falls is called the Auyantepui Mountain which is there in the Canaima National Park. The mountain is also called a tepui as it resembles a flat table top.

The venue of the Angel Falls in the Bolívar State of Venezuela is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The water which falls comes from the Gauja or the Kerep River and it flows in to the tributary of Carrao River called the Churun River.


The name of waterfall comes after Jimmie Angel, the aviator from US who flew over the falls before he came and disclosed its existence. After his death, his ashes too were scattered over the Angel Falls. However, there is a debate over the person who first viewed the Angel Falls. While some people say it was Sir Walter Raleigh, others believe it was the Spanish explorer Fernando de Berrio who was the first to discover the spectacle. However, none of them informed the outside world about the existence of the Angel Falls unless Jimmie Angel did so in 1937. Despite this fact, in the past years, there have been debates over name of the waterfall because as per the Spanish President, the natural feature being a landmark of the nation and being an indigenous property, should be named indigenously. After major discussions over this issue, the President later said that it was a mere effort to justify the name Kerepakupai Vená for the natural phenomenon.


It was a difficult task from the very beginning to gauge the height of the falls however; it could be deduced successfully after the completion of a 9 day climbing expedition came to a completion in the year 1971.

Before planning a journey a couple of things need to be kept in mind. The first of the things is that the best time to visit the Angel Falls is during the rainy season because as most of the water source of the falls is through rainfall, the Angel Falls, during dry season, is only a trickle of water. Also, as the height of the Angels Falls is on a higher side so, the fall makes it own weather. It generates heavy winds and also speedy sprays which one needs to be careful of. With a closer view of the falls one can see that there are a number of canals and tunnels in to which the water gets in and then jumps back. All these together make a trip to the Angel Falls a complicated affair despite of it being a prime tourist attraction of Venezuela.


As the neighbouring area of the Angel Falls is a dense and isolated jungle so, the best means of reaching it is taking a flight from the Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolívar to reach the Canaima Camp with the best months being June to December.

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