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Alberobello – Italy


If fairy tales ever fascinated you then, the Italian town of Alberobello will also interest you as a tourist destination. Looking at this small town, situated in the Bariprovince of Puglia in Italy, it seems as if it was the abode of the dwarfs of the fairytale ‘Snow white and seven dwarfs’. It is not because of any landform or historical site but because of its 14th century beehive-like houses that Alberobello is a World Heritage site.


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These houses, called trullos, are about 1500 in number in the town and appear different with their conical roofs which are made of limestone and mortar. They have white tips which seem as if some snow has fallen on them and make a refreshing difference to the usual urban developments which normally exist in towns and cities. Most of them are occupied by native Italians who either convert them in to restaurants, shops, pubs, or lodgings.


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The best part of Alberobello is that it is not as populated as the other tourist attractions of Italy. The number of inhabitants of the town are known to be around 11,000 and as the tourists too find it cumbersome to access the town so the rush of tourists is also not as heavy as that on the western coast if Italy. Rather, majority of the visitors to the town are also observed to be Italian. The one thing apart from the trullos which bring people to Alberobello is the pilgrimage to the Basilica every year which happen in wake of two saints, namely Cosma and Damiano.

There is one spot in Alberobello which is famous for giving a beautiful picture of town and that is above the Piazza del Popolo where the Belvedere Trulli stands as a point of the photographers’ delight.


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The summer season is usually known to be eventful in Alberobello as there are a number of festivals which are organised there, namely folk, classical music, dance, theatre and children’s’ festivals. During these times there is also a wide spread of food and drinks which are served in the restaurants on the high street. Some such restaurants which are known to be famous among the tourists and locals are La Cantina and Gli Ulivi. As far as accommodation is concerned, while there are good hotels like Grand Hotel Olimpo, Trullidea, and so on, there are also trullos which are rented out to tourists for staying over at a relatively less cost.

The best way of reaching Alberobello is by taking a train from the Bari station. It is about a 1hr and 30 minutes journey which is quite frequent between the two stations. From the Bari airport a car drive is also possible to Alberobello. Within the town transport is not very necessary as all the destinations are located close by to each other.

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