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Travel Distance Calculator

Hohenzollern Castle – Germany


Once the throne of the Prussian emperors, the Hohenzollern Castle is a sample of the English and French Neo Gothic Architecture built in Germany. It stands on top of Mount Hohenzollern and therefore is at a height of 855 metres above the sea level. The nearest big city to the Hohenzollern Castle is Stuttgart which is at distance of 50 kilometres.

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Ashford Castle – Ireland


So far you may have visited a number of fortresses across the globe but, did you ever have had the chance to reside in one such medieval fortress which can take you back in time alongside providing all the modern amenities and leisure options which you expect in a vacation. This dream can be fulfilled in the Ashford Castle of Cong in Ireland which is a fortress of 1228 converted in to a modern luxury hotel.

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Cappadocia – Turkey


If you enjoy observing the wonders of nature and mankind’s harmonious existence in it then, Cappadocia in Turkey will certainly fascinate you. It falls in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey and is famous amongst tourists for its rocky landscape which is shaped like a nose ring and has underground cities and churches which are carved out of rocks.

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